Bothell High teacher attacked in classroom is emotional but says he won't be a 'victim'

BOTHELL, Wash. -- The Bothell High School teacher viciously attacked in his wood shop classroom says he is recovering quickly physically but shaken up emotionally.

“I am on the mend, look better than I did,” Cal Pygott told Q13 News.

Someone came up behind Pygott as he was working alone in his wood shop classroom after school Thursday and bashed him in the back of the head with a blunt object, causing him to lose consciousness. He woke up with a plastic zip tie around his neck but managed to stumble outside and flag down help before he passed out again.

Another staff member managed to cut the zip tie off, perhaps saving Pygott's life.

“Emotions are still up and down; appreciate everyone’s wishes and support,” Pygott said in a brief interview while out for a walk Monday.

He declined to talk about details of the case, noting that it's an ongoing police investigation. Detectives were scanning hours of surveillance video in the hope they will be able to identify the attacker.

Students returned to school Monday wearing blue-colored clothing and  they signed a banner to show support for the popular teacher.

“It’s cool to see people are showing their love across the whole district,” student Mitch Hunt said.

“No one has been found and no one knows who it could be,” student Trey Kubalanza said.

“It’s definitely scary, traumatic almost,” student Nick Kostelecky said.

Students say they hope it’s not another student. Bothell Police say it's too early to rule anyone out.

“We want the community to know Bothell is safe and we would like for our kids to be at school on a regular schedule,” said Leanna Albrecht, communications director of Northshore School District.

The district plans to have extra security to ease concerns.

Pygott's focus is on his recovery and getting back to the craft and the students he loves.

“This is not going to turn me into a victim, I will be back as soon as possible,” Pygott said.

Also on Monday, police were still conducting interviews and canvassing the surrounding neighborhood looking for clues.