Bothell school cleaning up after frozen pipe burst

BOTHELL - The freezing temperatures are causing some problems in Bothell. A pipe burst at Crystal Springs Elementary School Friday night, causing some damage to hallways and a classroom. School officials hope the cleanup will be complete, before students return from winter break on Monday.

They believe the freezing temperatures caused the pipe problems. Unfortunately, it’s going to be chilly again tonight. Plumbers around the Puget Sound are ready to respond, but say homeowners can protect themselves.

“Nine times out of ten when we get frozen pipes, it’s because the hose itself attached to the hose bib,” says Gene Serdahl with Beacon Plumbing.

He says you should start by taking a look around your house, disconnecting hoses and putting cover on faucets. Insulated covers can be bought at hardware stores for just a few dollars. Then you should see if you have any exposed pipes. Serdahl says you should check outside, in crawl spaces and in your garage.

“Just put insulation on the pipes if you can see them. It’s pretty easy to go down to your local hardware store and get some insulation.”

It’s also a good idea to make sure the inside of your home doesn’t get too cold. But be careful, if you haven’t used your heater in a while. This afternoon a homeowner in Poulsbo says a fire broke out almost immediately after turning on the furnace for the first time this year.

Firefighters say this time of year, they also get a lot of calls involving space heaters. They say if you’re going to use one to stay warm, don’t put it near anything that could melt or catch fire.