Boy helps save school bus driver's life

TOLLAND, Conn. -  Sixth grader Will Restall was in the right place at the right time.

While riding the bus to Tolland Middle School Monday morning, Will found himself in an emergency situation and stepped up to help.

“I received a phone call from William’s principal," Tara Restall, Will’s mother, told WTIC. "She wanted to let me know that there had been a medical emergency with the bus driver.”

"When we got to school, she parked and then fell over," said Will, "So I grabbed the microphone, and said that she had a medical emergency and she needed medical attention."

“He’s pretty young, he’s only in the sixth grade, and he’s only been on the bus for three weeks now. He knew what needed to be done and he did it," Tara said, "The principal actually called him a hero. He really is, he helped save his driver."

Most kids and parents dread a call from the school principal, but for this young Tolland hero, it made for very proud parents.