Boy with special needs intentionally set on fire by two children, his mom says

SAN ANTONIO -- A Texas mom is demanding justice after she says two boys set her 10-year-old son on fire. Now that child is on life support with 1st and 2nd degree burns covering one-fifth of his body, from his ears to his belly button.

Kayden Culp's mother Trysten told WOAI that her son was playing in a field on Sunday when one of the boys doused her son with gasoline and another set him on fire. A shed also caught fire.

"He needs justice," family friend Ashley White told the station. "I mean, no kid deserves to go through anything he’s going through. At all. Period."

Trysten told WOAI that her son exhibits autistic behavior but has not been diagnosed.

Kayden remained on life support in the hospital on Wednesday.

The fire marshal is investigating. The shed remains blocked off by crime scene tape.