Bremerton HS switching to remote learning later this week due to staffing shortages, some out from COVID

Bremerton High School will switch to remote learning on Thursday and Friday due a staffing shortage, according to the district. 

The high school is experiencing a staffing shortage, and officials said they have "seem an increase in staff absences at Bremerton High School for a variety of illnesses, including COVID." 

The school, like other districts in the nation, is also experiencing a substitute teacher shortage, and therefore does not have "adequate staffing to be able to teach all of our classes- even with BHS and District office staff helping to cover classes," the school wrote in a letter to parents.

According to school officials, 28 of 100 staff members were out on Tuesday for a variety of reasons, not just COVID. As of April 25, at least seven staff members have tested positive for COVID.

Nineteen students were out with COVID on Tuesday, but parents do not have to give a reason as to why their student was out, so that number could be higher. 

Students are reminded to take their Chromebooks home on Wednesday, along with any other books or assignments they need for online learning on Thursday and Friday.

Right now, the plan for the school is to resume in-person learning on Monday. Parents will be notified of any changes by 8 p.m. on Sunday. 

This only impacts the high school. The rest of the district is still doing in-person learning.