Bulletproof backpacks: Local parents say added protection is priceless

(Photo: KCPQ-TV)

SEATTLE -- Some local moms are preparing for the next school year differently after recent school shootings at Seattle Pacific University and near Portland.

"Putting them out there and giving them the tools they need to feel protected is a great idea," said parent Shannon Stiles. "I've talked to other friends of mine and they do agree that the backpack is a good idea."

Stiles is considering investing in bulletproof backpacks for her kids.

"With the shootings getting closer and closer its scary," she said. "They're scared. The last shooting we had, they were terrified: 'We don't wanna go to school. We want to be home schooled."

Jennifer Amato is in the business of arming women with self-defense tools. Amato said mothers are now coming to her for advice on how to protect their children as well.

The bulletproof backpacks can provide both moms and their kids peace of mind, Amato said. But that comes at a steep cost -- between $200 - $300 for the full bags.

Other alternatives include bulletproof inserts which can cost more than $100.

Mothers Q13 FOX spoke with said the extra sense of security is priceless.

"Sandy Hook was a tiny community. They weren't expecting anything like that, and we all have to be ready for something like that if it were to happen unfortunately," Amato said.

"Having that extra protection and reassurance to me would be a good idea," Stiles said.