Burglary suspect quickly becoming internet infamous

TUMWATER -- A burglar caught red-handed on surveillance camera is on his way of becoming a social-media celebrity.

The victim plastered the suspect’s image all over Facebook in the hopes that someone knows who he is.

The homeowner found out his place was being burglarized when his motion-activated cameras sent an email to his phone.

He raced down to his house on 70th Avenue Southwest but when he got home the crook had already taken off.

The homeowner said the suspect got away with electronics, priceless family jewelry, and a gun.

So the victim decided to post the pictures on Facebook for the world to see.

Neighbors also saw the images but didn’t realize the crime happened so close to home.

“Didn’t think too much of it,” said neighbor Kylie Albert. “Didn’t know the guy, sad story.”

“My boyfriend saw it on Facebook because his aunt posted it,” said neighbor Alyssa Limasa. “Now it’s spreading like wildfire.”

The pictures have gone viral with more than 5,000 people already sharing the images all across the internet.

Neighbors hope social media will turn the burglary into social justice.

“Becoming more of a vigilante, neighbors looking out for neighbors you know,” said Albert. “People try to step up do the right thing saying, hey if someone knows this guy someone come forward.”

The suspected burglar got away with the loot but if Facebook has anything to do with it, he won’t be on the lam for long.

“This is a good neighborhood,” said Valerie Limasa. “They have people watching all the time.”

Tumwater police said home burglaries are now on the rise in some parts of town, and they’re urging folks to call 911 if they see anyone acting suspicious poking around homes.