Burst water pipe floods Mukilteo police station, police evidence untouched

MUKILTEO - As the saying goes 'when it rains, it pours.'  Well, it's not good when it' pour's inside the police station.  The Mukilteo police department found that out on Sunday December 8th when a fire-sprinklyer water pipe burst in the station's ceiling, the Herald of Everett reported.  The result: 3,000 gallons of water flooded parts of the station, damaging carpets, furniture and drywall, the paper reported.

The water did not damage any police evidence or case records, Mukilteo Police Chief Rex Caldwell said.  "The only materials we lost were hundreds of blank forms a couple of days worth of casework sitting on someone's desk getting processed," Caldwell told the Herald.

The break happened around 2:30p Sunday, December 8th, when three police officers were on patrol, out of the station.  The possible cause pipe to burst was that it happened  at the end of a recent cold snap.  Water was trapped in the ceiling and burst through ceiling tiles, Caldwell said.

Construction repairs could take six weeks, and the bill could come to about $100,000, the Herald reported.