Bus passenger lights woman's hair on fire, police say

Getty Image file photo.

DARRINGTON -- Police arrested a woman who allegedly used hair spray and a lighter to set a woman's long hair on fire while the two were riding the bus Monday morning.

According to the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, the 56-year-old suspect was riding a Community Transit bus from Darrington around 8 a.m. Monday when she allegedly pulled out a Bic lighter and hairspray. The suspect then reached up between the seats and used the lighter -- possibly with the assistance the spray pump bottle of hair spray -- and sparked the long hair of the victim sitting directly in front of her.

Luckily, a witness sitting nearby noticed the flames and immediately reached over and put out the fire by "smacking the victim on the back," police said. Witnesses told the bus driver the suspect lit the woman's hair on fire, and the bus driver pulled over and called police.

The victim did not suffer any injuries.

Police arrested the suspect for suspicion of second-degree assault and confiscated two Bic lighters and a bottle of hair spray. The suspect said she lit the victim's hair on fire by accident.

The suspect is in Snohomish County Jail awaiting possible charges.