Bush family mum on voting for Clinton or Trump

By Jamie Gangel and Eric Bradner


(CNN) -- George P. Bush says his grandfather and his uncle -- the 41st and 43rd presidents -- could "potentially" vote for Hillary Clinton over their own party's nominee, Donald Trump.

He said he was just "speculating." Other family members, meanwhile, are staying mum.

A representative for George W. Bush says the former president still plans to sit out 2016's election and will not comment further.

CNN reported in September that George H.W. Bush plans to vote for Clinton.

Jeb Bush, who has in the past said he would not vote for Clinton or Trump and suggested he could write someone in, responded by email to CNN's question about whether he has made up his mind about who he would vote for with two words: "Secret ballot."

George P. Bush, the Texas Land Commissioner and son of Jeb Bush, who lost in the 2016 Republican presidential primary to Trump, made the comment during a Republican rally in San Marcos, Texas.

Later, when a reporter with The Associated Press asked about the comment after the event, Bush admitted he didn't know how George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush would vote.

"I don't know how they voted. I'm speculating, to be honest," said Bush, possibly the only member of his family to vote straight-ticket Republican in 2016.