Busiest shipping day of the year? No problem ...

SEATTLE -- The holiday shipping season is officially here.

Monday was the busiest shipping day of the year, with FedEx processing 22.6 million packages Monday alone, more than double the daily volume.

Ramon Reyes has been a FedEx driver for three years but he still get a little nervous.

“I just want to make sure I have my coffee and then I am good to go,” says Reyes.

“This is our peak season, this is when we get to shine,” says manager Kevin Caswell.

The U.S. Postal Service will process 640 million cards, letters and packages Monday.

FedEx and UPS say they are better prepared this year than last. Last year, thousands of gifts were not delivered on time due to bad weather and an overloaded system.

Nationally, FedEx hired 50,000 extra workers this year and brought in extra delivery trucks.

In Seattle’s warehouse, FedEx hired an extra 50 employees to keep up with the demand.