Businesses and apartments board windows going into the weekend

Some businesses and apartments boarded up windows in preparation for if there is a violent response when election results come in.

In the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, folks say they have seen changes throughout the week.

“Things are boarded up everywhere. The other night, I went to the grocery store; It’s completely closed. I couldn’t buy groceries that night. Restaurants are closing early. Things are just not happy here. it’s just not a nice place to live right now,” said Mickey Mattis.

But it’s not isolated to just one part of the city.

In South Lake Union, an apartment complex told its residents they boarded the windows as a precaution.

“We are currently working diligently to keep the property secured during any potential disruptions. As of tonight, we will board up the front of the building as a precautionary measure. We recommend you shelter in place in the situation has calmed down,” said Alanna Hamilton as she read through an email notification she received from her complex.

Hamilton says the boards do not make her feel any safer.

“The boards actually induce a higher level of concern. It makes me feel like there is something to be worried about and honestly I didn’t feel like that before the boards were up,” she said.