Busy Tacoma state highway remains closed overnight due to landslide

TACOMA, Wash. – State Route 509, also known as Marine View Drive, will remain closed overnight due to a landslide across the roadway.

The closure could have a big impact for drivers as the roadway is one of the main ways to and from Browns Point and Tacoma.

Road crews said they took a phone call from a driver who said the slide started to creep over both lanes here.

Crews said the area along Marine View Drive does have a history of small slides and, due to all the recent rain, slides are a greater risk.

Bulldozers filled large dump trucks with debris and mud along SR 509. Crews also brought in a vacuum truck to clear out some of the mud.

“Obviously there’s been a lot of water here in the month of October,” said Matt Fengler, of the Tacoma Public Works Department. “We’re waiting to see what it does from here on out. If it does continue to slide or come out in the lane we’ll keep the road closed overnight.”

The road closure extends along SR 509 between Slayden Road to East 11th Street. That means people trying to get to or from Northeast Tacoma or Federal Way need to go around.

Road crews will assess the slide Wednesday morning before making a decision on when to reopen the busy road.