But are they fast enough with those drinks? Seahawks become baristas to help kids at risk

SEATTLE -- Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith may have been the MVP of the Super Bowl, but can he tackle a mocha?

Smith and other Seahawks were baristas for a day at Starbucks around the Northwest, and 12s flocked to see them ditch the pads and strap on the green apron. At the U-Village Starbucks, the line went out the door to see a Seahawks player in person and have him deliver a latte.

"Oh, it was great, I loved it," said Stephanie, a Seahawks season-ticket holder. "And definitely having Malcolm do it for me was great."

Coach Pete Carroll dished out drinks at the Starbucks in Renton.

Carroll has teamed up with Starbucks to showcase his "A Better Seattle" foundation. The goal is to help at-risk kids and reduce violence on the streets. The foundation helps groups like the YMCA's Alive and Free, which uses outreach workers like Brandon Shell, who comes from the streets.

"These kids are dealing with a wide range of things, from not knowing where to stay, to trying to get back in school."

Starbucks is helping to raise money for the cause, with a special Seahawks fan gift card. When customers pay with the card, Starbucks will donate 25 cents to "A Better Seattle" per transaction.

Carroll calls it a win-win for the community.

"We try to steer some kids in the right direction and make their life a little bit more successful and easier for them to do the right thing," he said.