Cab driver killed while working, body dumped in Southcenter Mall parking lot

A killer may be on the loose in Tukwila, and they could be pretending to be a cab driver.

Tukwila Police reported on Thursday they are looking for a red cab connected to a homicide.


Tukwila Police wait four days to report homicide with suspects still on the loose

It took Tukwila Police more than 72 hours to notify the community that someone had been murdered in their town and found in a very public area, leaving many with one question: why? 

Tukwila Police say a cab driver was stabbed to death when he was working, and the suspect dumped his body in a parking lot at the Southcenter Mall and stole his cab. 

Nick Hokema's body was found in the parking lot around 4:30 a.m. on Monday. The medical examiner said the 34-year-old was stabbed multiple times. 

"I’m torn up inside. I’m crying like crazy, ok. I mean, this is my son for heaven’s sake," said Hardy Hokema. Hokema is dealing with the tragedy of losing his firstborn and only son, while he is two states away in California.

"This is unjust, ok. I don’t wish this on anybody," he said.

The person responsible for killing Nick Hokema is still out there. 

"I want to honor Nick in his life, and one way we can honor him is by bringing some closure to the situation, and I appreciate any help that you and the Seattle area can offer for my son," said Hokema.

Investigators have not released a motive for the killing and have not released any suspect information.

The only clue is Hokema’s stolen cab.

Tukwila Police say it is a red 2012 four-door Toyota Camry with "RediCab" markings.

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Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or reach out to regarding case: 24-304.