Cabin destroying fire likely started by people on the shore

Courtesy: Lisa Vollrath

WENATCHEE -- Three cabins are in ruins, and a home was badly damaged by a wildfire that ripped along the shore of Lake Wenatchee.

Roughly, a hundred firefighters are working to put out the flames which were about 75 percent contained on Saturday.

Fire officials said that the fire was likely caused by people, on the lake's shore.

Lisa Vollrath watched the fire spread from her boat, and thinks it originated with a campfire on the beach.

"It was just so fast it started spreading to a shrub, and then this other dead wood.  It spread so fast there was nothing we could do," Vollrath said.

The people forced to evacuate when the fire started Friday night were allowed to return on Saturday.  However, they were warned that if the fire flares back up they could be forced to leave again.