Candidates use every last minute asking for votes in Washington

SEATTLE -- A packed voter ballot here in Washington features dozens of statewide offices, legislative races, six ballot initiatives and the governor’s race.

Voters will decide between Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee and Republican challenger Bill Bryant.

Democrats have held the governor’s office since 1984.

The clock is ticking down and people across the state are rushing to get their voice heard.

Nearly 45 percent of registered voters in Washington have turned in their ballots, but for those that haven’t there’s still time for candidates to try and swing those votes.

“I want people to get out and vote,” said Bryant.

The push in Bryant’s camp Monday morning involved thousands of phone calls.

“We are significantly carrying those voters who have not yet voted and late voters,” said Bryant.

Bryant is trying to drive home one last time his plan to answer the homeless question along with reducing traffic congestion.

“If you don’t want an income tax, get out and vote for Bryant,” said Bryant.

In Tacoma, Inslee and other Democrats revved up volunteers before they headed out to knock on doors.

“We need to build jobs and a stronger economy, we need to build better schools,” said Inslee.

These stops by both candidates are just one of many on the Monday before the election.

“All those things need to get done. And those things will get done if we vote for Democrats this year,” said Inslee.

Each candidate working to ensure their name comes to mind when voters check that box and drop off that ballot.

Once again, ballots have to be dropped off by the end of the day tomorrow or post marked by November 8th. The first results will be announced at 8 p.m. Tuesday.