Cardinals squeak by Seahawks 17-10 in defensive slugfest

SEATTLE -- In the end, it was the Cardinals defense that won out.

Despite four picks from Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer, the Seattle Seahawks lost a nail-biter to the surging Cardinals 17-10 Sunday at CenturyLink Field.

It was the Seahawks first loss at home since Dec. 24, 2011. It was also starting quarterback Russell Wilson's first loss at home in his young career as a Hawk. His home win-streak ends at 14 games.

The Hawks started drives in Arizona territory three times, but all three times failed to walk away with points. Even a plus-three turnover ratio for the Seahawks couldn't overcome a stifling Cardinals defense that held sophomore quarterback Wilson to a 49.6 passer rating on 11-for-27 completions and one interception. Marshawn Lynch was held to 71 yards rushing, and less than 30 rushing yards in the second half.

The loss came despite a defensive performance that was as stellar as anything the Seahawks have put on the field this season. The Seahawks secondary, led by Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, secured four interceptions -- including two by Sherman. But the interceptions failed to lead to points.

The blow for Seattle came with 2:20 left in the game. On a third down, Palmer went deep to Michael Floyd for Arizona's first and only touchdown. But many Seahawks, including tight-end Zach Miller, said the blame in the loss fell squarely on the offense.

"Our defense did great," Miller -- who scored the Hawks only touchdown on a 4th quarter pass from Russell Wilson -- said after the game. "We got to do more on offense."

The Seahawks special teams also struggled, with a fumble by kickoff returner Robert Turner and a missed field goal from 24-yards out from the normally automatic Steven Hauschka. The Hawks were again hampered by penalties, with nine penalties racking up 102 yards.

"It was a slug-fest today," head coach Pete Carroll said after the game. "And they won out."

Carroll said the team had "trouble in all phases." The Cardinals victory kept their playoff hopes alive, as the team battles the San Francisco 49ers for a Wild Card berth.

The Seattle Seahawks can still clinch the division and a first-round bye with a win next week or a loss by the 49ers. The 49ers play the Falcons at home tomorrow on Monday Night Football.

The Hawks play the St. Louis Rams (7-8) in the final game of regular season next Sunday at Century Link Field. The game will be broadcast on Q13 FOX.

Live updates from the game

-- The last loss at home for the Seahawks was Dec. 24, 2011. Lets hope that streak continues...#GoHawks.

-- Michael Floyd catches a long Carson Palmer catch for a touchdown to put the Cardinals up 15-10 with 2:13 left go in the 4th Quarter.

-- Jay Feely is 3-for-3 today. This game is certainly a nail-biter.

-- How late can you throw a flag?

-- Carson Palmer tosses to his blocking tight end. Jeremy Lane gets out of the game with an ankle injury.

-- A technical call on the Cardinals missed extra point can be big. The Seahawks only have one timeout left.

-- TOUCHDOWN Seahawks! Russell Wilson goes to Zach Miller to put the Seahawks up 10-9 with 7:26 left in the 4th Quarter. An extra point try was blocked, but a flag was called.

-- HOLY... It's time to breathe after that one. Kearse recovers on a Tate fumble. A Kearse completions brings the ball to first and goal on the 5.

-- Doug Baldwin returns the ball 37 yards. Trying to light a fire underneath this Seahawks offense.

-- Fumble ruling is overturned. Hawks again hold the Cardinals to a field goal! Man, this Hawks defense looks good. Lets see if the Hawks can't get something together on offense, as the Hawks lead 9-3 with 10:39 left to go in the game.

-- McDaniel dinged for a 15-yard penalty to put the Cardinals on the Hawks 37. The Hawks then see a defensive pass interference penalty. Richard Sherman is upset about something. Looks like a fumble!

-- Hawks have to punt...again! Wilson is 8-for-23 and a quarterback rating of 43. Carson Palmer is 10-for-21 with a quarterback rating of 26. I'd say this is a defensive game.

-- On third and long, the Cardinals... throw a pick! That's a timely interception by Richard Sherman. He downs it in the end zone to bring the Hawks out to the 20. That couldn't have gone much better for the Hawks.

-- Yikes. Turbin fumbles the ball and the Cardinals recover on the Hawks' 18. That one hurts. Lets see if the Hawks can hold them to a field goal.

-- Earl Thomas sees the direct snap and makes the Cardinals kick a field goal. The Cardinals go up 6-3 with 27 seconds left in the third quarter. How big will Hauschka's missed field goal be?

-- The Hawks Defense has been on the field quite a bit lately, but they're not breaking yet.

-- Ryan is again forced to punt from his own endzone. The Cardinals get good field position, but it's negated by a holding call. The Cardinals are on their own 45-yard line.

-- Jermaine Kearse is limping pretty badly. The receiving core is beat up for the Hawks, with Rice and Harvin out, and Kearse struggling to hop along. On third down, the Arizona Cardinals are forced to punt. The amount of punting in this game is through the roof.

-- Deja Vu? The Hawks go 3-and-out and have to punt from deep in their own territory. The Cardinals get the ball on their own 44.

-- On third and four, Palmer is forced to run and the Hawks stop him. The defensive stops are unbelievable.

-- Sherman is called for interference, making five penalties today.

-- Lynch is getting stuffed here early in the 2nd half. On third down Russell Wilson is forced to throw out of bounds, and again the Seahawks are forced to punt. The defense from the Cardinals has been stellar today.

-- Carson Palmer can't complete on third and two and Arizona punts. Golden Tate returns it 29 yards to the Arizona 47. He's given the Hawks some good field position today.

-- It's raining pretty hard out there. Some of those cameras look pretty foggy. Arizona takes a timeout on third-and-two.

-- The Hawks are 2-for-9 on third downs.

-- Wilson runs for 27 yards when forced to scramble. He has 32 yards in two rushes in the game. His passer rating is less than stellar, however. He's 7-for-17 with 50 yards passing.

-- The Seahawks start the 2nd half on the 26. Defensive holding is called on the first play from scrimmage.

The Seahawks and Cardinals are tied 3-3 at the end of the first half.

-- The Hawks have to settle for a field goal on fourth down. BUT! It doesn't go through as John Hauschka misses it for the first time this year other than the blocked field goal. This is a crazy game so far, as the Hawks only have 3 points off three turnovers.

-- Another interception! That's three on the game. Malcom Smith takes it to inside the 5 on the return. The Seahawks needed that! Let's see if they can't capitalize. Smith's interception was the first of his career.

-- Doug Baldwin is slow to get up on an incomplete pass. Let's hope he's OK. On fourth and one, the Seahawks choose to punt. The Cardinals will get the ball with a little over a minute.

-- Arizona is held to a field goal to tie the game up 3-3 with 2:15 left in the 2nd quarter. Really tough battle here. Turbin takes the ball out to the 26 yard-line... and Turbin fumbles? No. It looks like he was down when the ball came out.

-- A touchdown pass from Carson Palmer is negated by offensive pass interference. On third and long, the Cardinals get the first down to the Seahawks 24.

-- Arizona is driving here, Mendenhall has another long drive. They get the first down. How many points would they have if it wasn't for those timely interceptions?

-- Arizona completes the first down.  They've out passed the Seahawks 70-yards to 45 yards so far.

-- That gacemask penalty is the Seahawks' second penalty of the game. They've really tried to reduce their penalties recently, but have so far struggled. Two in the first half so far isn't too bad.

-- Wilson is 5-for-13 and seems rushed. He's also overthrown some, including Kearse in the endzone on the previous drive. John Ryan pins the Cardinals back deep.

-- Bobby Wagner sacks Carson Palmer to bring up 3rd and 25. The Cardinals are forced to punt from their own endzone, and Golden Tate takes the ball at Arizona's 40.

-- The Hawks haven't allowed a point in more than 5 quarters. Wonder what the record is?

-- On third down and three, the Hawks get a delay of game. Looks like they'll have to settle for a field goal. Steven Hauschka kicks it through to put the Hawks up 3-0 with 14:06 left in the second quarter.

-- Marshawn runs big to end the first quarter. Seahawks are driving and looking to score here. Lynch has almost 50 yards at the end of the first quarter. Lets see if he goes over 100 yards on the day. Also, Wilson has picked up his game, completing five passes in the last drive.

-- Lockette takes it to the Arizona 40 for a 9-yard gain and a first down. That's the Seahawks first first down on third down. You follow?

-- Nice catch by Jermaine Kearse. Good Seahawks first down.

-- False start. That makes 130 at CenturyLink field. And that's followed up by a Seahawks interception! Richard Sherman with a diving catch. The Seahawks are 25-3 when they win the turnover battle.

-- A. Ellington runs for 26 yards into the Seahawks territory. Two long plays have gashed the Seahawks defense so far. This game is going to be an up and down sort of affair, it seems.

-- Seahawks again forced to punt. Arizona Defense has held Seattle to just 28 yards. Lets hope third downs aren't a problem again today, as they have been in the past.

-- Another almost-interception by Bobby Wagner. The 12s are getting loud. Every game is like a playoff game at CenturyLink. Palmer goes incomplete on third down, and Arizona is again forced to punt.

-- John Ryan punts the ball and Arizona is on their own 34. The Seahawks are vying for a record of fewest punt yards allowed.

-- Marshawn Lynch goes 16 yards for the first down out to the 23. The Seahawks have still not allowed a touchdown on the other team's first possession of the game. It was close, but a timely interception from Kam sealed the deal.

-- Third down and two from the 5 yard line and it's INTERCEPTED! Kam Chancellor with the interception in the endzone and runs it out to the 7 yard line.

-- Jim Dray falls inside the 10 yard-line. Important third down coming up. The crowd is getting loud...

-- Seahawks call a timeout. Bruce Arians, the head coach has done a great job with this team. Palmer completes a 63-yard pass to Golden to put the Cardinals on the Hawks 13. Great run after the catch.

-- The Seahawks have the most interceptions in the league. Lets see how that does against Carson Palmer, who is undoubtedly going to throw it out. Light rain is coming down at CenturyLink Field.

-- Kickoff! The Seahawks won the toss and elected to defer. With the Carolina Panthers winning against the New Orleans Saints, it's win or go home for the Arizona Cardinals as their playoff hopes become even slimmer. Cardinals get the ball on their 18.