Carroll says Cliff Avril's neck injury could be 'longer-term' issue

SEATTLE – Cliff Avril’s injury during the Seattle Seahawks’ win on Sunday could be a “longer-term” issue, coach Pete Carroll said on Wednesday.

What, exactly, Carroll meant by “longer-term” is the million-dollar question.

“We’re going very slowly and making sure that he takes the opportunity to talk to as many people as he needs to talk to, so he knows what he’s got and what we need to do with it,” Carroll said during a press conference at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. “We’re just going to take care of him and make sure he’s well.

“If he wants to come back, and we want to bring him back – we’ll let you know when we know. But right now, we don’t.”

Avril suffered “severe” neck stingers during the game, and reportedly lost some feeling in his hands. Carroll said as far as knows, the symptoms are gone.

Avril has said in the past he would likely retire if he felt like his long-term health were at stake. After he suffered a concussion in Super Bowl XLIX, he said he was glad that trainers pulled him from the game.

"I mean, the game is changing, obviously, as far as this whole concussion thing,” he said. “I feel like the more we get to know about how bad the situation may be in the long run, I feel like as a player, as a professional, as a person – as a father – you should do the right thing, even though you want to keep playing.

"If they feel like you can’t, you shouldn’t."

Carroll confirmed that Avril won’t play Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams.