CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Two men choke and punch clerk, rob medical pot store in Parkland

PARKLAND, Wash. -- Security cameras captured the attack -- two men overpowered a clerk who was just working his first day at a medical marijuana shop in Parkland.

Before they could steal all the pot, the shop's owner walked in the door and scared the men off. Still, they got away with $600 in cash.

Watch the security video as one robber puts a choke-hold on the clerk while the other robber starts punching him.

Owner Justin Tyree played the video of the two men in ski hats who attacked his employee at the Terra Healing Center in Parkland Thursday night.

The cameras capture the guys duct-taping the clerk by the hands and then pouring all the pot into garbage bags.

"So I opened the door, and there's the bigger guy standing there and I'm like, what the hell is going on here?" Tyree said.

The owner said he wanted to check on the clerk, who was working his first shift of his first day at the job, when he walked in on the robbery.

"It was all in the bags, right in this area. If they would've gotten away with all the product, I would have been out of business today."

When Tyree walked in, the two robbers ran off.

They also left behind the DVR system, which they had ripped out of the wall so they could take it with them. But on the DVR system was the security video that will now help Pierce County sheriff's deputies find them.

"They are cowards," Tyree said. "They don't want to got out and earn their own living and they want o take from other people's living, I think it's sickening."

The video clearly shows the faces of the two suspects. Sheriff's detectives are hoping someone recognizes them and will call with their identities.

As for the store clerk, he's reportedly doing all right.