Celebrating 30 years of National Girls and Women in Sports Day

SEATTLE - Wednesday marked the 30th annual celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day. It's a day that unites premier organizations with elite athletes to bring attention to the promise of girls in athletics.

"I want to make sure women and girls in our state have an equal opportunity to participate in sports," Senator Patty Murray said, "I'm going to keep pushing here in Congress to make sure public schools continue to give equal funding and resources to women's athletics, and today's event is a great way to keep that conversation going."

Female athletes at the University of Washington took it upon themselves to reach out to the community, visiting local elementary schools to show kids first-hand what sports can do.

"Being hard-working, being strong, being powerful, being a woman is beautiful in itself and that you don't have to look a certain way or do a certain thing and that if you're the best teammate, the best player, the best person you can be that that's all that really matters" said Madi McNamara, a junior on the UW soccer team.

The University of Washington is recognizing its female athletes on Friday, at the Huskies' basketball game against Oregon State.

Meanwhile,  the WNBA is celebrating it's 20th season and is using its "Watch Me Work" Campaign in association with the day. The league is encouraging fans to show off their determination and commitment to their sports.

"It is incredible that now there is a whole generation of women who've grown up never knowing anything different - I mean, literally, the WNBA has been in existences their entire life," said Seattle Storm coach Jenny Boucek.

"It really hasn't been that long that there has been equality for females in athletics and in athletic opportunities. Sports are so integral in the development of females. Ninety percent of female CEOs played athletics, some sport growing up, so it's a way of developing and maximizing females potential.

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