Center for Whale Research reports new orca calf in J Pod

Photo courtesy of Center for Whale Research | Maya Sears NMFS Permit 27052

The Center for Whale Research (CWR) has received reports and photos of a new calf in the J Pod from area whale researchers. 

The calf was spotted on Dec. 26. It was not spotted in recent encounters from Dec. 23, making the calf just a few days old. 

According to the CWR, the calf was spotted primarily near J40, an adult female orca who has not yet had a calf. The calf was also spotted around other J Pod females. It appears J40 is the mother, but researchers will determine that with future encounters.  

The calf's sex is unknown. It has not yet been given an ID by CWR. 

With the birth of this new calf, that makes 26 whales in the J Pod.

The J Pod is one of three pods that make up the Southern Resident orcas. There is also the K Pod and L Pod. In total, there 76 whales that make up the Southern Residents' population. Learn more about them here.