Chicago mom delivers own baby in car on way to hospital

CHICAGO -- She watched birthing videos during her pregnancy, but a Chicago mother didn't know she would need to act as her own doctor.

Tenisha Rambert ended up delivering her own baby on the way to the hospital Monday, according to WGN.

Ten minutes after she and her husband, Marshall, left the house to have their third child, they realized little Miller wasn't going to wait.

Marshall called 911 and pulled off the Dan Ryan Expressway at 43rd Street where Tenisha delivered him in the front seat of their Ford Escape. Paramedics met them there to make sure mother and son were alright.

At 6 pounds 11 ounces, Miller Rambert is doing well, despite being three days late and coming into this world in a very unconventional way.

Miller will be meeting his older siblings, Marley and Mylen later on Monday.