City Hall in Roy shot up in drive-by attacks on Halloween

ROY, Wash. -- It’s a frightened community in the small city of Roy, where someone shot up City Hall on Halloween.

It was a drive-by shooting and some of the bullets went into the mayors’ office.

“It’s really sad,” said Mayor Karen Yates. “City Hall belongs to the citizens, and this is their house, so if it’s a neighbor of someone, you’re actually damaging your neighbors and your peers.”

Two of the bullets traveled through her office, leaving holes in a judges’ robe hanging on a door, before stopping in the City Council chambers. All around City Hall, you can see the bullet holes and the damage.

The building was hit two separate times on Halloween, including early in the morning and late at night. No one was in the building at the time of the shootings, and police believe they were committed by the same suspects.

Witnesses said the two people involved were in a dark-colored truck. The passenger shot what appeared to be a handgun.

“If you’re trying to send a message to government that you’re upset about something, this is not the right way to do it,” said Roy Police Chief Darwin Armitage.

“I think it would be very fair to say that citizens are pretty ticked off about it,” said Yates.

The mayor doesn’t know if she was targeted but said she’s not afraid to come to work, and City Hall remains open even as crews work to repair the windows and the doors.

Roy’s police chief is getting help from federal agents in processing shell casings to hopefully find a match, and he’s confident they’ll eventually make an arrest.

“When you use a gun to send a message, of course you’ve got my attention.”