Cold, cold, cold! Temps to drop down into the 20s; roads to stay icy

SEATTLE -- Wednesday morning will be icy, with most areas in the 20s. Add the wind chill -- and it will feel even colder.

Wednesday will be sunny, but cold.

Thursday starts out clear and icy again with most getting below-freezing temps.

Thursday will be windy for the foothills. Thursday afternoon, we get “an overrunning event” and these usually bring more widespread snows before it turns to rain.

This is a good scenario for the metro area because the moisture arrives during the warmest part of the day so for now only an inch is expected. Away from Puget Sound, other areas will get more than inch. The mountains will get over a foot.

Snow arrives at Lewis County around 1 p.m. Thursday and makes it to King County later in the afternoon. Snow is in the forecast Thursday evening.

It looks like rain for the lowlands and mountain snow for the weekend.

Unfortunately, next week looks cold again.