Comcast Washington donates $250k to Mary's Place

SEATTLE -- This holiday season, Comcast Washington has stepped in to support technology resources, job readiness and digital skills training for women and families at Mary's Place shelters.

Comcast Washington donated $250,000 in an effort to support those causes.

"This is an incredible life saving gift, particularly at this time of year when families are looking for apartments, housing, places to go inside and warm food," Marty Hartman, Mary's Place, said. "They can get that now with access on their phones, or computers, or laptops in our shelters."

According to a press release, the technology resources will help develop a computer lab to provide a space for digital literacy and coding classes.

Comcast's monetary contribution will also provide Mary's Place access to the internet, as well as provide shelters with resources to help residents secure stable housing.

Comcast is also starting a winter clothing collection drive at its Northgate Location.

People interested in donating may drop off winter gear until Jan. 6.

Click here for more information on Mary's Place.