Cops catch BB-gun-wielding purse snatcher

SEATTLE -- Cops in South Seattle arrested a 23-year-old purse snatcher, after he and two other men stole a woman's purse and took off running.

A woman reported to police that just after 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, the three men stole her purse, while she waited at a bus stop at Rainier Ave. S. and S. Henderson Street. While fleeing the scene, the suspects ran straight through a home, before splitting up in an apartment complex parking lot in the 8300 block of Rainier Avenue.

The one suspect was captured in the 8300 block of Wabash and arrested. Police found a realistic-looking BB gun in his pocket, and recovered the purse in the yard of a nearby home.

Officers turned the suspect over to robbery detectives, who are now working to identify the other two suspects.