Cops: Suspect steals bike, leaves 'poop'

SEATTLE -- A man intending to pick up his bike for a Valentine's Day cruise found a rather, um, unwelcome gift in its place.

According to Seattle police, a man called police to report a burglary Friday from his storage unit behind his home in the 8500 block of Linden Avenue North.

According to police, the burglar used a crow bar to pry open the storage door to gain access to an expensive Cervelo racing bike inside. The burglar took off with the bike, police said, but not before leaving a single clue.

"(The) Bicycle was missing and the only thing that was left by the suspect was a pile of poop (human feces)," the police report says.

Nothing else was stolen for the storage unit.

Police are looking for the suspect and the bike. Anyone who has information on the robbery is encouraged to call Seattle police at 206-625-5011.