Corvette driver gets BIG surprise after parking like a jerk (PHOTO & VIDEO)

NEWARK, New Jersey -- We have all seen someone parked like a jerk and wanted to do something about it.

But what can you do beyond leave a note or call a tow truck?

One New Jersey man’s response galvanized reddit readers Monday morning.

The man submitted a photo of a Corvette parked in two parking spaces.

Parked perfectly parallel to the crooked corvette, a dirt covered jeep.

The photo speaks for itself, but the Jeep driver’s caption brings it home:

“Guy in corvette parks like an . Then I come along.”

The Jeep driver also shot video of the moment the corvette driver came outside to his car.

I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours here in NJ and when I got to where I wanted to eat I saw this in a semi-busy parking lot. I figured I'd do this because I wasn't taking up two spaces and [expletive] people like this. The reaction on his face when he got laughed at going in his car was priceless.

The driver said he moved his Jeep right after the Corvette left the parking lot.