COVID-19 delta variant confirmed in Skagit County

Two COVID-19 delta variant cases were confirmed in Skagit County on Thursday, but officials assume that the variant has already spread further. 

Skagit County Public Health Director, Jennifer Johnson, says the confirmation of these COVID-19 variants in Washington proves that the pandemic is not over yet. 

"While Skagit County continues to see a downward trend in new COVID-19 cases, it is vital that people continue to use precautions," Johnson said.

In Washington, the delta variant accounts for approximately 28% of sequenced cases, according to county officials. There have been a total of 31,370 sequenced cases (positive tests that are tested for a specific variant) in Washington, according to the state's Department of Health. 

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This is a significant increase from the 12% in the prior two-week period. Because not all cases are sequenced in Washington, it is possible that these statistics do not represent the actual statewide proportion of delta variant cases. 

New variants, like delta, have increased transmissibility, meaning that it spreads much easier. The CDC estimated that the delta variant accounted for over 30% of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. as of June 19 — two weeks earlier only 10% of cases were attributed to this variant, according to Skagit County officials.

Recent Skagit County data showed that since the first of March 2021, 96% of COVID-19 cases occurred in unvaccinated individuals.

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