Craving farm-fresh eggs? Seattle area's first chicken-rental business has arrived

SEATTLE -- A new organic food trend is catching on, and all you need is a little room in your backyard.

If you've been dreaming about farm-fresh eggs on the table for breakfast, you're in luck.

Tukwila-based Hens 4 Hire is delivering rental hens and their coop directly to your door. Chicken rental businesses are popping up across the country, but this is the first such company in the Seattle area.

It's an effort to provide hens with a happy life while also giving families a natural food source.

The company takes care of the delivery and set up, while you take care of raising the chickens and picking the eggs.

Hens 4 Hire owner Travis Overly says he learned about the chicken-rental business while researching ways to better care for his own backyard flock.

“I discovered chicken rental businesses were flourishing in places all over the country, yet no one was offering this service here in the Puget Sound area," he says. "Considering how conscientious we are in the Northwest of being healthy and buying locally sourced foods from organic self sustaining farms, I thought it would be a great fit.”

Travis talked his long time friend and roommate Bryan Johnson into joining him in the venture, and the two started Tuckerberry Farm, LLC which owns Hens 4 Hire.

The chickens can prove to be good companions, and they are also a great learning experience for the kids.

"We have them for the kids, for one, and for access to eggs," says chicken renter Michael Bruce Greshan. "It's just kind of great for the kids to be able to be outdoors and watch them grow, to see where the eggs come from and kind of be hands on with that experience."

If the chickens aren't working out, the company will gladly pick them up early. Or if you'd like to purchase the coop and the hens, you also have that option.

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