WATCH: Good Samaritans rescue parrots as firefighters knock out nearby business fire in Mercer Island

Crews are investigating what caused a Mercer Island business park to catch on fire Thursday afternoon.

Before 2 p.m., Mercer Island firefighters and crews with Eastside Fire and Rescue (EFR) responded to an active fire near the corner of SE 27th St. and 77th Ave. SE.

Everyone inside the buildings was able to get out safely, including birds from Denise’s Parrot Place which sits two doors down from where the fire originated.

Images shared with FOX 13 show bird cages lining the sidewalk while crews put out the flames.

"Just getting the first bird out of the store, we were seeing a wave of smoke coming out of there, and it was minutes later that the whole area was engulfed in smoke," said Rick Woehler, manager at Denise’s Parrot Place.

At around 2:25 p.m., EFR announced that the fire had been extinguished. 

Nearby roads were closed for crews to investigate.

After the fire, Denise's Parrot Place took to social media to update the public on the condition of the birds:

"Hi everyone. Today there was a fire in the unit two doors down from us that quickly engulfed the area in smoke and was very quickly dangerous. Thanks to the quick actions of our staff and heroic neighbors and helpers coming into the smoke to help, we were able to evacuate all of the birds away from the smoke. We have safely brought the birds to a nearby commercial unit. 

We want to express a level of gratitude that is hard to put in words to the people who helped run the birds out of the smoke. Some of you we know and others were just nearby and courageously rushed in to help. 

Evergreen vet has also very kindly set up a vet to come check on the birds."

This is a developing story as the investigation continues.