Crime plagues popular park in Olympia; city to build fence around area

OLYMPIA -- The Artesian Commons Park is a popular destination because of its well water that some consider to be the best around.

It's an open park that brings in big crowds but it also attracts criminals.  Police are flooded with concerns over vandalism, drugs and violence.

On February 25, a fight broke out between two groups and ended with two people being Maced.  Police haven't made any arrests but are still investigating.

At one point, the city thought about closing the park down altogether.  Police have already beefed up patrols and made several drug-related arrests.

The city is working on a plan to install a four-foot fence around the area.  It would be closed at night but there will be 24-hour access to the popular well.  Construction of the new fence could begin as soon as this spring.