Critical mass say don't evict homeless from the Jungle

SEATTLE – Activists and cyclists came together in Seattle Friday. They're upset, about what they call the mistreatment of the homeless, especially those in the Jungle – an encampment under I-5 between Dearborn and Lucille.

“We're riding to draw attention to the city's policy of evicting homeless people from property that is essentially unoccupied," said cyclist Cory Potts.

The "Critical Mass Bike Ride" happens on the last Sunday of every month. But this month, cyclists wanted to use the ride to speak out against Seattle’s plan to evict the 300 homeless people living in the Jungle. The group putting the homeless in jails, is not the answer.

In a story by the Seattle Weekly, Mayor Ed Murray now says the city will not do a sweep of the encampment and that it would take a while to empty the area. It came after city councilmember Sally Bagshaw released a draft resolution that would have halted the mayor’s play to evict the hundreds of people living in the Jungle.