'Danny the duck' up for adoption after rescue from drug house in Mukilteo

One very lucky duck named Danny is now looking for a new home after being rescued from a drug house in Mukilteo.  

Pasado's Safe Haven helped to save Danny after officers called the animal sanctuary staff to ask if they could take him in.  

"Mukilteo PD was called about a known drug house and when they showed up at the house, they found dogs, parakeets and Danny duck," said Danny's lead caregiver at Pasado's, Katherine Kraus. "He’s very social and playful for a little duck."

For Danny, there's a lot to quack about these days. He has already settled into his new digs at the Pasado's Safe Haven quarantine barn. 

Danny was cleared after a medical check and brought to the sanctuary.  

"They were all living in a really bad, unclean environment, unsafe, a lot of drug paraphernalia around," said Kraus.  

"He’s very vocal and very playful, he’s very interested in everything that his caregivers are doing," said Kraus.  

Kraus says Danny's favorite thing in the world is his pool.  

"We clean his pool every day because it’s a little pool and every time we dump it out, he throws a tantrum and then gets super excited when we fill it up," she said. 

Since his arrival, Danny has been stealing hearts with his signature duck head bob and cute, curly tail. 

"He does have a perfect little curly Q tail," said Kraus. 

Staff members say Danny's favorite snacks are blueberries and dried mealworms. 

He also has quite a personality and his potential adopter, who happens to be an employee of Pasado's, has taken to him like a duck to water. 

"He has a pond and a great setup at home," said Kraus. 

Danny isn't alone in hunting for a home. His outgoing neighbor, Glen the goose, is also available for adoption.

"Glen was adopted 10 years ago from Pasado’s and his adopter has faced some medical challenges, and could no longer have Glen," said Kraus. "Our policy is once you are a Pasado’s animal, you are always a Pasado’s animal." 

Meantime, everything is just ducky for Danny. He could be available to go to a new home with his potential adopter as early as Friday.

Get more information on the adoption process here.