Deadly ‘Knockout Game’ reported on the West Coast

SAN DIEGO (Calif.) – A rash of violent attacks called the ‘knockout game’ is spreading across the nation. Now police are investigating an attack on the West Coast.

In the attacks, teens of young adults punch unsuspecting strangers, knocking them out and sometimes killing them. In one instance, a teacher was walking down the street past a group of boys. Out of nowhere, one of them knocks him to the ground and leaves him lying there.

A San Diego woman says the same thing happened to her husband on Tuesday. It’s already happened in Missouri, Minnesota, New York and Washington, D.C.

"He just threw a hook with his left hand and just got right me in the face,’ one victim said, “And he said 'wa-pow'."

In Chicago, a 62-year-old grandfather died after an attack linked to the dangerous game. Police say a group of teens in Syracuse knocked out a 51-year-old man, and then stomped on him. He also died from his injuries.