Deputies disperse riot outside of Thurston County Jail

Deputies say they had to disperse a riot outside the Thurston County Jail Thursday night.

According to the Thurston County Sheriff's Office (TCSO), a group of around 40 to 50 rioters blocked the roadway, pulled small trees out of the ground, launched fireworks and lit the grass surrounding the building on fire.

Deputies and police officers arrived at the scene and started preparing to counter the riot with less lethal devices. Authorities say the rioters ran away before any clash happened.

In the process of running away, the rioters left a sign behind that reads, "FIRE TO THE PRISONS, EVERYONE GOES FREE."

The TCSO is sharing their thanks to the Olympia Police Department and Tumwater Police Department for responding to the riot.

An arson investigation remains ongoing. 

This is a developing story.