Deputies: Drunk man on his cellphone narrowly missed gas pumps in crash into building (PHOTOS)

CHELAN -- A 23-year-old drunk driver who was on his cellphone crashed through a building Wednesday night near Lake Chelan, sheriff's deputies said.

According to the Chelan County Sheriff's Office, deputies received calls of car into Pat and Mike's grocery store and gas station at 53 South Lakeshore Drive in Chelan around 11 p.m.

Deputies on the scene found a 23-year-old in the vehicle, and he was treated at a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Deputies said the man was drunk when he exited Highway 97, missed a guard rail and crashed into the building. He narrowly missed hitting gas pumps, officers said.

The building was closed Thursday and needs to be evaluated for serious structural damage, police said.

The crash is still being investigated. It is not yet known if the man will be charged in the crash.