Detectives say group that attacked a DJ in Lynnwood has ties to white supremacy group

EVERETT -  Members of a group accused in a hate crime at a Lynnwood bar over the weekend appeared in court for the first time on Monday.

Eight people are facing a number of charges including malicious harassment after detectives say the group ganged up and attacked a black man working at the Rec Room Tavern.

Most of the 8 defendants showed up in front of a judge. They all denied having any ties to white supremacist groups but investigators say the physical assault of the DJ in Lynnwood was no question a hate crime fueled by racial slurs.

Local detectives are working with the FBI to investigate what they are calling a ‘disgusting’ incident. Two of the 8 accused are from Western Washington.

Vincent Nutter of Bothell and Guy Miller of Tacoma. Their attorneys say they are innocent. But  the prosecutor says they have surveillance video of Saturday’s attack to prove that all 7 men and 1 woman facing charges are guilty of a number of crimes including malicious harassment.

Authorities say the two from Western Washington were hanging with a group of people from out of state. Detectives say they were in the area for a rally to mark the anniversary of the death of a white supremacist leader killed in the 80s in Whidbey Island.

Probable cause documents state the attack happened after one person touched the DJ’s equipment without permission when asked to stop and leave detectives

say the group surrounded the victim and attacked him hurling racial slurs at the black man. The DJ suffered injuries including a swollen eye. Q13 News also spoke with general manager Jayson Baum over the weekend who says he was also injured after trying to help his DJ friend. Baum says the group was very aggressive and he is hurt that it happened. He says his bar is minority owned business and is welcoming of everyone.

One of the 8 defendants is Travis Condor, a well-known white supremacist according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Condor’s attorney said his client was not involved in the attack and that he was sitting at table. He said Condor did not know the other defendants and made no plans with them prior to the incident. Despite the defense, the judge found probable cause to continue the case setting Condor’s bail at $25,000.

Depending on criminal history and other factors, bail was set for most of the 8 defendants ranging from $150,000 to $25,000.

Malicious harassment is a Class C felony punishable of up to 5 years in prison.

Some of the other defendants include Randy A. Smith of Eugene, OR and Daniel Dorson of Corvallis OR.

Leah Northcraft of Raleigh NC and Nathaniel Woodell of Woodstock Illinois.

Woodell is the only one who spoke on behalf of himself at one point. He denied being apart of the Aryan Brotherhood saying he was in town for a musical event. Woodell’s attorney called the case against Woodell ridiculous.