Detectives say White Center bus shooter pulls out gun 'without uttering a single word,' shoots man in head 

New court documents are shedding light on the 17-year-old accused of killing a man on a King County Metro Bus and the moments leading up to the shooting.  

It appears that the teen pulled a gun on the man without warning, shocking everyone, including a friend that was reportedly on the bus with him. 

The victim, according to documents, appeared to be sleeping in a nearby seat prior to the accused teen, Miguel Rivera Dominguez, opening fire, killing Marcel Wagner, 21.

Court documents accused Dominguez of shooting, "without having ever interacted with the victim at all (firing) five rounds into the victim’s head and neck at point-blank range."

Detectives say bus security video shows Wagner, the victim, getting on the bus in Burien at around 4:50 p.m. near Ambaum Blvd. SW and SW 47th.

Dominguez gets on about four minutes later at a stop near his home off SW 142nd, "dressed in a dark jacket, full-face ski mask ..."

He sits opposite Wagner, who looks like he’s sleeping in his seat, according to investigators who watched the security video.  For about 12 minutes, Dominguez appears to be "viewing his phone."  Documents state, "there appears to be no interaction between Wagner and Dominguez whatsoever."  

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At SW Roxbury & 15th Ave SW, Dominguez is seen on video pulling the "stop line" to indicate he wants to get off. 

Detectives say the then pulls out a gun, "without uttering a single word."  Documents state, "The sudden and abrupt gunfire takes other passengers by surprise, including, it appears, Dominguez’s own acquaintance "GW" who reacts with shock and covers his head as Dominguez continues to fire his gun repeatedly at Wagner from just a few feet away."

As Wagner slumps over, investigators say, "Dominguez shouts repeatedly at the bus driver to open the door and let him off.  Dominguez fires two rounds from his gun into the still-closed doors." 

Bullets reportedly hit the Sea Mar Community Health Center nearby.   

The bus driver stopped and opened the rear doors.  Dominguez is accused of running to a nearby Boys and Girls Club where he unmasked and changed clothes.  Investigators later contacted the Highline School District and matched security video from the case to a picture in his student profile there. 

Detectives also located the young man that was with Dominguez at the time of the shooting.  He told detectives that he had no idea that Dominguez was going to open fire. Investigators say he also identified him as the shooter. 

FOX 13 stopped by Dominguez’s listed address.  We were told the woman who served as his guardian there had no comment at this time. 

Dominguez is facing charges of first-degree murder and unlawful possession of a firearm.