District says 10 Auburn schools had water fixtures showing elevated lead levels -- back in 2008

AUBURN, Wash. (AP) — Auburn School District officials say a review of water testing records shows 10 schools had elevated lead levels in 2008 but they can't verify what steps were taken to correct the problem.

District officials said in a news release Friday the district reviewed records after recent reports of lead in water nationally and in Tacoma. The last time the district tested was in 2008 and results showed 10 schools had 20 individual fixtures with elevated lead levels.

The district says in response, water to those fixtures has been turned off and they plan to retest those fixtures Monday. Officials say nine of the 20 water fixtures have since been replaced and others will be replaced as needed.

The district has notified families and says it will test drinking water at all Auburn schools starting in June.

The district didn't say why it has just reviewed the test results from 2008.