Dog who mauled young boy is Internet star; boy's mom pleads for help

Phoenix, AZ (KPHO) -- It's been nearly 10 months since a then-4-year-old boy was mauled by Mickey the pit bull, and while the dog is getting a lot of publicity in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail, the boy's supporters want people to know he still needs help.

Flor Vicente said she's grateful for the support she and her son, Kevin, have received so far.

Kevin's mother said she would be lost right now if it weren't for the community's help, but it's been a struggle especially at first when she felt like everyone was against her.

Kevin's scars are a constant reminder of what he went through in February when he was mauled by Mickey the pit bull near Central Avenue and Broadway Road outside of his babysitter's home.

Doctors said the pit bull attacked crushing Kevin's eye socket, cheek bone and jaw.

Vicente said Kevin is constantly at the hospital for checkups and surgeries.

The hospital said he still has a long road ahead of him.

"The surgeon said they're going to try to open his eye more," said Vicente.

Vicente said she had to stop working to take care of him.

"I would like to work but, I haven't been able to," said Vicente. "Kevin had a lot of appointments, and then he wasn't eating well so I had to spoon feed him."

They've been living off of donations from the Maricopa Health Foundation.

"From there, I also pay the light bill, the telephone bill, and medicine that ACCHS doesn't cover," said Vicente.

Flor said she's getting financial and emotional support that she didn't have right away.

"Kevin has had a lot of help especially after some people noticed Mickey's support," said Vicente

Flor said at first, she was hurt that Mickey was getting more support than her boy.

People were donating money to keep Mickey from being put down.

Kevin's mom felt that supporters were blaming her boy for the attack saying he was trying to get Mickey's bone.

"My friend said that people were supporting the dog and really liked him, and I said it can't be that this is happening. I couldn't understand," she said.

"This has never been Kevin versus Mickey. Human versus a dog. This is a horrible case that happened to Kevin. I feel badly for him, but I wanted to save Mickey because I never thought he should be killed," said Attorney John Schill.

Flor said she's made peace with what happened, and just wants to thank everyone who has supported them.

"Without the help everyone has given us, I don't know where we'd be right now," said Vicente.

Maricopa Health Foundation said they still have money left from the $38,000 that has been donated for Kevin's living expenses, but since Kevin still has a long road ahead of him, they are always looking for donations.

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