Dogs rescued from filthy Belfair home up for adoption

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Nearly a dozen dogs found living in horrible conditions in a Belfair home will soon have new homes. The Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue is taking care of the dogs now -- and have put them up for adoption.

“Just to see them all cleaned up and happy and running and playing is great,” said D.D. Ponder, who is helping find the dogs new owners.

The dogs arrived at the Thurston County Animal Services shelter in February. Their hair was matted and tangled and covered in filth. Some of the animals also had health problems.

"Some of them do have some eye issues from some dry eye and not receiving appropriate medication for that and a couple of them have some ear infections, but other than that they are all doing well," said veterinarian Illina Berton.

Last month, Mason County sheriff’s deputies found nearly 40 dogs while checking on a couple at their Belfair home. The husband and wife in their 60s needed to be transported to the hospital.

The owners, both in poor health, could no longer care for the animals and reached out for help. Since the dogs were removed from the home, one of the owners passed away, according to the sheriff’s office.

The criminal investigation has been turned over to the prosecutor’s office and remains open, but no charges have been filed.

Ponder said many of the dogs found at the home are now being cared for by rescue groups in Washington and Canada.

At Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue, employees have received numerous inquiries about the dogs since they arrived last week.

“Oh, oh my word, we’ve been getting emails and phone calls about these dogs; everyone has seen them on the news,” said Lori Carr with the rescue.

The rescue is screening those families wanting to adopt the dogs.

Ponder said the medical bills for the dogs are thousands of dollars. She has set up a web page to raise money for the animals.

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