Dozens continue protest in Seattle over police killings

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Demonstrators took to the streets of downtown Seattle for another Black Lives Matter protest in light of the deaths of Philando Castille in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana, both shot and killed in officer-involved shootings.

Many of those who joined the march started simply as bystanders who felt compelled to join the efforts to denounce police brutality, like Danielle Hill from Washington, D.C.

“I’m here because we have to do better,” said Hill.

Their marching led to a “die-in” at Seattle Police headquarters as a symbol of the lives lost.

The demonstration stayed relatively peaceful, but this time, bystanders didn’t just stand by and watch. As protesters marched through Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market they weren’t just met with supporters but opposition.

Allen Cypher was one who felt compelled to call out a sign with vulgar language towards police, especially after a sniper killed five police officers in Dallas and injured seven others.

“I understand their issue, but I’m also concerned where we have people killing policemen,” said Cypher.

They are sentiments highlighting a country hurting and divided as well as people who want to see change without the loss of more lives.

“The fact that I have to be so conscience of my character of my being that I have to limit who I am as a person, that’s not living,” said Jhamante Jefferson, one of the rally participants. “That’s another form of slavery right there.”

Where protesters were, Seattle Police officers weren’t far behind. On Sunday, officers didn’t have to deploy flash bangs as they did Thursday night. There were also no reported arrests or injuries.