Dozens of dogs rescued from puppy mills in Eastern Washington available for adoption

MONROE, Wash. – Dozens of puppies from Eastern Washington are now on our side of the mountains after authorities rescued 225 dogs and puppies from two separate illegal puppy mill operations in Stevens County, Washington.

The American Humane Society, Pasado's Safe Haven, and other local animal rescues took in nearly 90 animals that had been recently seized.

While the rescued animals are now getting the love and medical care they need advocates warn others why buying animals online can backfire.

“These 255 dogs were rescued, had many medical issues, living in their own filth some of them barely surviving,” said Stephanie Perciful with Pasado’s Safe Haven.

All of these dogs are part of ongoing cases against the breeders. They were being sold nationwide at places like The Steven’s County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information from anyone who has purchased a puppy from David and Carolyn Clark of Ford, Wash., or Stephen Mark McDowell and Linley Staples of Nine Mile Falls, Wash., and the puppy was sick or died.

“People can end up buying a puppy who has a lot of serious medical conditions,” said Pasado’s Laura Henderson. “On top of that the mother left being in the puppy mill is also left behind.”

The problem with puppy mills, say rescuers, is most animals don’t get the shelter, attention or medical care they need.

“The animals now safe in our sanctuary were living in cages, many of them had not been on walks before and unfortunately you can’t look at that online,” added Henderson.

On Tuesday at Pasado’s Safe Haven facility in Snohomish County, many of the dogs were finally allowed some space to roam, a chance to be groomed, a chance to be loved. Once they are back in good health and fixed many will be available for adoption locally.

“Chances are you can find exactly what you’re looking for through adoption instead of shopping,” said Henderson.

Most of the dogs are short or long-haired Chihuahuas. If you'd like to adopt or foster any of these puppies, click here. Below is a photo gallery of each dog ready for adoption.