Dozens of firearms stolen from Lakewood gun shop

LAKEWOOD, Wash. --- Dozens of handguns, AR-15 rifle parts and high-end scopes were stolen from a gun shop early Monday morning.

Several thieves broke into a vacant store next door and broke through a wall that's shared with Quantico Tactical.

"We're very concerned about where those guns are going to end up.  We certainly don't want them being used in a shooting such as Marysville that just happened," ATF Special Agent Brian Bennett said.

The value of the stolen items is estimated around $40,000. Authorities are now working closely with the store to see what exactly was stolen.

"Trying to match up what firearms are missing and what are the regular parts of the inventory and once they get an exact number with serial numbers those will be entered into the NCIC Database and those guns will show up as stolen," Special Agent Bennett said.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance video in the area and are still trying to find the suspects.