Drive-by shooting ends neighborhood basketball game in violence

SEATTLE – A neighborhood basketball game ends with violence at a residential street in the Brighton neighborhood of South Seattle.

“It was like a big boom boom boom! Yeah, it was out of control, it was in the daytime, we’re still in the daytime you can imagine how someone was feeling that this much noise was going on in the neighborhood,” said Audrey Legette who lives in the neighborhood.

Neighbors say they heard at least a dozen gun shots before 5 p.m. Sunday evening and immediately called police.

Seattle police say they are investigating after two men in their twenties were shot in the Brighton neighborhood Sunday.

Witnesses began calling 911 just before 5 p.m. to report shots fired near 44th Avenue South and South Webster Street.

Officers arrived and found two people with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, one to the hand and one to the leg. Seattle Fire Department Medics took the two men to Harborview Medical Center for further treatment.

Witnesses say, as the suspect’s car was traveling eastbound someone within the vehicle began firing shots at a group of people before speeding off. Witnesses could not identify the type, color, make, or model of the vehicle.

"The car drove up, two people exited out the windows and one from the door and they started shooting at the group,” said SPD lieutenant Rolf Towne.

Towne says a man watching the basketball game from his front lawn fired back at the car and shielded children playing in the neighborhood.

“An act of selfless bravery he took a whole bunch of young kids out of the street that were playing,” said Towne.

Legette says there are a lot of children in this neighborhood and the violence in Rainier Valley has made life uneasy.

“This is ridiculous isn’t it, what a feeling, who comes into your neighborhood, abuses it and then we have to figure out if we’re safe and our elders are safe. No. it’s uncomfortable now,” said Legette.

Police Officers are asking anyone with information in this case to please call the Homicide/Assault tipline at (206)233-5000