Drivers prepare for slick morning commute as snow falls

SEATTLE -- At the Les Schwab Tire Center in Georgetown business is booming because temperatures are dropping and there is the real possibility of an icy Tuesday morning commute.

Les Schwab customer Dick Schubert said whatever the morning brings, he's ready.

"It's nice to be able to stop," Schubert said. "I mean I realize most people who are on the road like to go as fast as they can but they don't think about eventually they have to stop.”

Schubert, a self-described old codger, said he's been around long enough to recognize the importance of nice tires. On Monday, he got studded tires installed.

"When you're on ice and really bad conditions on the road being able to live another day is really a good thing,” Schubert said.

Mark Bushby is Les Schwab's manager. Since the weather turned, he spends his days directing his staff and helping customers get cars prepared for freezing weather, he said.

"The best thing is to be prepared and ready for any type of weather we might encounter; air pressure maintenance, having chains ready and proper traction tires are imperative,”  Bushby said.

Meanwhile, departments of transportation all across the region are prepping the surfaces of roads and bridges and ramps with de-icer. They're standing by with huge reserves of salt and sand ready to go at a moment’s notice.

"On an event like this we ramp up," WSDOT crew member Jim McBride said. "We try to get more trucks on the road. We adjust our shifts so we have trucks in advance of this morning commute and we have a large group of trucks in overnight throughout the night as well.”

Schubert, Busby and transportation officials all agreed on one thing:

Be prepared to leave early Tuesday morning as you head into work or school, keep your speed down and watch out for trouble spots.