DUI suspect arrested after dangerous pursuit in Thurston County

A suspected DUI driver who led deputies on a dangerous pursuit through Thurston County before crashing into a berm and evading capture was arrested on Friday. Deputies are thanking the public for their assistance in reporting his whereabouts, so he could be brought into custody.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) reported that the incident began when Sheriff Sanders attempted to stop the driver for driving nearly 20 mph over the speed limit along Martin Way E. The driver, later identified as Taylor Lofgren of Shelton, allegedly made a sweeping, multi-lane turn through a red light without using a turn signal. This prompted an attempted traffic stop.

Thurston County Sheriff's Office

Lofgren refused to pull over and sped through Lacey, initiating a pursuit.

According to the TCSO, Lofgren continuously swerved in and out of lanes during the pursuit. At one point, Lofgren’s truck nearly crashed into another motorist at 80 mph.

Since Lofgren posed a significant danger to other drivers, officers decided to slow down to clear the intersection safely. As a result, officers lost sight of the suspect.

Lofgren’s truck was eventually found wrecked in a berm near the corner of Mullen Rd. and 46th Ave. Deputies tried using a K9 unit to track him, but Lofgren managed to evade capture.

Thurston County Sheriff's Office

Deputies searched the truck and discovered Lofgren had left behind crucial items including drug paraphernalia, his phone, wallet and his I.D. – which was how deputies were able to identify him.

A short time later, a homeowner reported seeing Lofgren on their property.

The TCSO announced probable cause to arrest Lofgren for eluding, hit-and-run and operating a vehicle without an ignition interlock.

Lofgren also has a long list of criminal convictions, including impersonation, theft and numerous DUIs, with a total of 23 arrests.

About six hours after asking for the public’s help in finding him, the TCSO announced that he had been captured.