EF2 tornado touches down in Oregon destroying businesses and homes (VIDEO)

MANZANITA, Ore. — Two waterspouts came ashore Friday morning damaging the beach towns of Oceanside and Manzanita, Oregon, the National Weather Service confirmed in a tweet.

The following video of a waterspout was taken by Tyler Ryals:

So far, no injuries have been reported, but several buildings have been damaged including one from a woman who says all the windows in her house were blown out.

The mayor of Manzanita has declared a state of emergency.

Mayor Garry Bullard said it's necessary for the beach town to be eligible for federal disaster money.

Photos and video from the scene show downed trees and utility poles, and damage to homes and other buildings.

The National Weather Service received reports of tornado damage around 8:25 a.m. Friday.

Debbie Harmon of the Amanita Gallery says out of nowhere the wind suddenly made a "whoooo" sound.

The whole sky filled with debris as a tornado touched down in the small coastal city. Harmon says "it was just crazy and then it just stopped."

Next thing, she saw trees scattered in the road and emergency vehicles headed toward the beach area.

Tornado warnings were issued for Pacific County, Washington. A viewer in Lebam, Washington sent us this video: